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  • Achieving Complete Wellness Through Health Promotion

    Health is a condition of mental, physical, and emotional well-being where infirmity and disease are absent. The general outlook of the person, his personality, his habits, and his values contribute to the quality of his health. A happy and healthy individual has to be free from all kinds of mental stress, physical pain, and suffering, and emotional upset.

    The pursuit of happiness and a true sense of worth must be given topmost priority in order to attain complete physical and mental health. The pursuit of happiness means giving up the striving for pleasure, seeking pleasure outside the boundaries of health. It also includes giving up the definition of goodness, as individual moral qualities are also an essential constituent of a person’s mental well-being. A person who is pursuing pleasure in everything else may become deformed mentally and may end up being unhappy and isolated. The pursuit of health means that a person gives his best at work and in his family.

    In developed countries, it has been found that health and wealth are not correlated with each other. Health and wealth may vary according to geographical location, culture, and education. In developing countries, where medical infrastructure is not developed and where people do not have access to health services and welfare programs, their life expectancy is low and their health remains low even when they receive appropriate healthcare. Health promotion through community building and education are essential to bringing about improvement in the life expectancy and development of the local communities.

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