Positive experience with nipple shields

The most important thing to know is that not all women experience the same level of discomfort when breastfeeding. Each woman has a unique pain threshold and coping mechanisms, so their experience may differ from others. In their studies, mothers reported a positive experience with nipple shields. The study also found that mothers reported a reduced risk of nipple pain and trauma. However, a few problems did emerge, including difficulty latching and breast engorgement. If you are looking for the nipple shield buy Nipple Covers in Australia for the best experience.

Helps with nipple pain

While the benefits of nipple shields are unclear, a recent study suggests that they can help mothers reduce nipple pain. The study, by Eglash et al (20), found that 92% of respondents had used nipple shields at some point in their practice. The most common reasons for recommending a nipple shield were to accommodate flat or inverted nipples and to assist infants with latching on.

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Promotes breastfeeding

Several studies have investigated whether Nipple Shields help mothers breastfeed their infants. However, some studies have found negative effects of nipple shields. Despite the lack of positive evidence, the use of nipple shields by new mothers has been recommended by lactation consultants. According to a review of the available research, nipple shields may have benefits for breastfeeding mothers.

Limits milk supply

Using nipple shields to protect a newborn’s nipple does not affect the mother’s milk supply. The shields did not increase the volume of milk transferred from the breast, and there was no evidence of any difference between the groups in terms of milk removal. However, it is important to note that the volume of milk present in the breast varies throughout the day. Therefore, a validated measure of breast fullness would be necessary to determine the amount of milk removed.

Limits infant growth

The study found that more than half of the mothers who were asked whether they used NSs did so. The duration of use varied from one feeding to five months. Of the 178 mothers who answered yes to the question, 67 used the shields during the first feeding. Researchers stressed that clinicians need to carefully assess an infant’s capabilities and assess a mother’s pain tolerance before administering NSs.